Friday, 29 June 2012

Can YOU help?

It's fairly obvious that I'm going to struggle to raise my target of £2,500 without help. Not that I'm short of ideas you understand, and there is plenty in the pipe line, but fundraising on such a grand scale takes time and energy, and I really need to start training too. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Now unless someone has a direct line to the Gods, and a favour to call in, I don't think I stand much chance of nudging those precious 24 hours up to say 30 or so.

So, with that in mind, I'm asking for some willing volunteers. Hands up everyone who can organise a little something to help me reach my target. It doesn't need to be much, every little bit helps. Big or small, everything is very much appreciated and goes to help Tommy's research into the causes of miscarriage, still birth and premature birth. If what we do helps see even one baby safe in his mother's arms we'll have achieved something wonderful.

You want to help? Great!

Perhaps you could do a bootsale and donate the proceeds,
or hold a coffee morning.
Have a cake sale at work (everybody LOVES cake),
or a 'guess the number of sweets in a jar',
or a 'guess the name of the teddy bear'.
Get sponsored to shave your head,
or dye your hair a silly colour (*note- my daughters are exculuded from this one, bright and wild is normal for them!)
Hold a teddy bears picnic,
or a barbeque (we will get nice weather sometime this summer, honest).
Start a swear box.
In a band? Do a charity gig.
In a team? Hold a charity football match,
or rugby match,
or a golf tournament.
Get your boss/teacher to let everyone come to work/school in jeans/pyjamas/fancy dress for a pound.
Get your kids to do a sponsored silence (go on, you know you want to)
Hold a raffle,
or charity auction.
Get your local pub to host a fun day,
or quiz night.
Organise a treasure or scavenger hunt.
Sit in a bath of baked beans,
Collect pennies, or pound coins, in a smartie tube....

The possibilities are endless.

If you want to help, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Don't forget to go to my facebook page Running For Tommy's and let everyone know what you're doing so we can all cheer each other on.

You can make a donation by going to my Virgin Giving Page Every Penny Counts.

Friday, 15 June 2012

I'm on Facebook

I get about a bit don't I?

You'll find me here.

Pop along and say hello,

or give me a thumbs up,

or just a shove in the right direction.

Your support is very welcome, especially on a wet and windy day like today when I'm feeling very sluggish.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

There's a hole in my shoe

Hmmm, I think these may be past their best.

What do you think?

                                                      Are they showing signs of wear?

Can you tell they're nearly 10 years old?

If I'm not going to run the marathon barefoot (No! Before anyone suggests it, NO!!!), maybe it's time to invest in a new pair of size 6's.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Open mouth, Insert foot

I learnt a very long time ago that if you strive towards a very big goal (I'm fairly certain that running the marathon counts as a 'very big goal') it's best to break that down into lots of little bite sized goals, each one taking you that bit closer to THE BIG ONE than the last.

For that reason I haven't thrown myself into marathon training straight away, no matter how tempting that has been. First off I appointed a trainer, which may just have been my first mistake. The speed at which my husband accepted the role, coupled with his accompanying evil grin, suggests that he may just use this as an opportunity to get his own back on me for years of being on the receiving end of my PMS!

But that aside, I know I can trust him to keep me on the right track. Which so far has entailed losing a bit of weight. I had a knee injury as a teenager which still, very occasionally, plays up in cold, damp weather so it stands to reason that the less weight my poor, old knees have to carry around the better. Although he might have been a little more tactful, 'lets get some of that fat off you' is not what a wife wants to hear. Especially not when she's half way through baking a scrummy chocolate cake. I could almost hear those calories laughing at me as I opened the oven door :(

So far I've lost almost half a stone. I was doing rather well I thought.  And I said as much.

Silly me!

Nothing wipes a smug smile off my face faster than a big bully of a husband trainer adding sit-ups to my morning routine! I think I'll keep my observations to myself in future ;)