Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Walking Barefoot- My Cornish 'Twin Peaks' Challenge


Possibly, certainly even, but if I'm going to raise the significant amount of money I'm trying to raise then I have to do something a bit...well, out of the ordinary.

And so, on Saturday 22nd September (weather permitting. I don't mind rain but fog may cause a delay of a day or two. Even I'm not mad enough to climb Cornwall's two highest points if I can't see where I'm going) I will be walking up Cornwall's 'Twin Peaks', Rough Tor and Brown Willy, barefoot. Yes, you read that right. BAREFOOT!

It's actually meant to be good for you, seriously, after all the human race managed quite nicely before shoes were invented. These days people even go on barefoot walking holidays. Don't believe me? Have a read of this. See? Maybe my idea isn't quite as mad as it first sounds. Still not convinced? Here you'll find 125 reasons why you should go barefoot.
Brown Willy (Bron Wennyly), the highest point in Cornwall is 1375ft (420m) and his little brother Rough Tor is 1313ft (400m).

Want to join me? No, I didn't think so ;) But you can support me by visiting my Virgin Money Giving Page to donate. Anything you can give is very much appreciated and all goes to help Tommy's fund research into the prevention of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.
I'm really looking forward to it and Every Step's for Dillon so.... Best foot forward!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Uphill Struggle

There are a lot of advantages to living in a beautiful part of the country. I get to spend all year in a place some people have to save all year just to visit for a couple of weeks. Lucky? You bet I am! I have the sea on my doorstep, the moors within easy reach, and miles of stunning, undulating, countryside in between.

I can run through tranquil woodlands, or with the music of the sea in my ears. I can run along winding country lanes between high hedges full of life, or across wide open moorland watched only by soaring birds of prey and the occasional curious pony. Not for me the monotony and fumes of city streets. Wonderful, yes? Yes, indeed, but there is a downside. Or more accurately, an UP side.

Cornwall is a land of hills. There is no getting away from it. It doesn't matter which direction I head in when I open my front door each morning the one thing I can count on is a bloody great hill somewhere on my route.

I cheated a bit when I first started training (OK, I cheated a lot) and deliberately planned routes that encountered hills going in a favourable direction, ie. down! This was a great motivator. I got to cover more distance than I could have managed otherwise and the general downhill direction meant I invariably ended up at the sea. What better place could there be to sit for a while and catch my breath before plodding, exhausted, UP hill towards home?

This was fine when I was only attempting short runs of a couple of miles, but the very thing that makes this land so beautiful means I can only go so far before the path starts to rise again to crest the next hill. As I gradually increase my distance I have to accept the inevitable and begin to tackle those pesky hills.

There is one particular hill on the return stretch of my favourite route which starts out all innocently as a gradual incline. It is a twisting trail along a narrow lane between Cornish hedges covered in moss and ferns. It is shaded and cool, it is peaceful and pretty, it is evil and designed by the devil himself (not that I believe in him, but hey, I have to blame someone). It twists and turns, making it impossible to see just how steep and long it is when I, all gullible and inspired by the downhill stretch, embark upon its dreadful length.

I reach the first bend thinking 'yeah, I can do this, easy peasy'. By the second my legs are starting to ache but I'm still going strong, if a little slower. By the third I can see sunlight through a break in the trees and  I exult 'Yes! I'm nearly there!' and then wham! Another turn reveals it stretching onward and upward, steeper and narrower. By now my legs are starting to quiver and I resort to conning myself. Just to the next lamp post. To the next bend, then I'll rest. It's only 10 yards to the post box, go on, you can do it. Oh god, there are people coming! Happy holiday makers skipping downhill with buckets and spades and windbreaks and picnics. Smile. Smile! SMILE. Look like this isn't killing you. 'Good Morning!' they chorus. Christ! Do they expect me to answer? Nod, smile. Talk is impossible. It's more of a grimace than a smile but at last they are gone and the road ahead is...still there. Still going up. I'm red faced, sweating, panting, legs like jelly. Almost there. Almost. Just make it to that driveway. OK, now, just one more bit, one more bend, and the steepest bit...but I can see the top now. It's there, just there, just a few steps more. I can't do it. I can't. Impossible...done. I'm there and I'm not dead. Amazing.

And I get to do it all again tomorrow. Oh joy.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Thank You Toy Day

I just want to say a big thank you to the lovely people at
for donating this lovely childens kitchenware set to use as a raffle prize.

No smart play kitchen could do without it.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

This Week's Update

Miles run: 14

Miles Walked: 17

Other exercise: Avoided completely ;) but shhhh, don't tell Andy! lol

It's been a pretty good week all round. The runs are getting easier, that's for sure, and I'm gradually starting to increase the distance. I think I need to start setting my alarm clock though while the weather is so nice (I knew we'd get a summer eventually) as I find it a real struggle in the heat and its sooooo tempting just to give up and sit on the beach for a bit before it gets busy.

From a fundraising point of view I've received some great donations to use as prizes which is always a boost to my confidence. It can be a lonely ol' business, this fundraising lark, so it's always great to get some support from people I don't even know. I've also launched a local photography competition, making the most of the stunning scenery in this part of the world, with the winner getting to see their photo turned into a postcard. I'm really looking forward to seeing the entries start rolling in. I'm starting to put plans in place for a coffee morning, trying out cake recipes and hunting down cups and saucers and making posters, which is keeping me busy even busier.

Another round of letters have gone in the post, and I've made a load of leaflets and posters advertising the photo comp. Some are already out there but I've still got a stack to take around to all the holiday parks. Busy, busy, busy. Trying to collect a load of stuff for a boot sale too. Gotta get that total rising!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Everybody Loves a Bunny

Isn't this FANTASTIC?

A warm thank you to The Warehouse in Looe for donating this lovely bunny.

Thank You Card Box & Thorntons

 A big THANK YOU to Card Box & Thorntons in Looe

for kindly donating these wonderful raffle prizes.

Tarot for Tommy's

Maybe not the most conventional form of fundraising but what the heck?

I've been reading the cards for over 20 years now so I think I've just about got the hang of it ;) 

So, do you have a yearning to have your cards read? Is there a tricky situation you like some answers about? Tarot isn't fortune telling in the way most people think, but it can provide an in depth look at what's happening in your life and help you see the best path to take from here. Love? Home life? Career? Money? The tarot can help you get to grips with any problematic issue, or if you'd rather, give you a general view of where your life is heading, what to look forward to, or what to avoid.

You can get your tarot reading by making a donation of £5 (or whatever you can afford) at my virgin money giving page Every Penny Counts and then email me on flywitchfly@gmail.com with your question.

I shall do my best to email you back with your personal reading within 48 hours.